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How to Prep for Your Wedding Trial

There's a couple of things I advise my clients before we meet for the first time. Here's some recommendations to follow before meeting us.


Sometimes it can be hard to communicate what we want. Most of us are visual. I strongly recommend looking through Pinterest for some inspiration. If you're still unsure what you like, you can utilize our Hair and Makeup LookBook as well.

TIP: Look for images of women who have your skin complexion, features and hair length so you get a sense of a realistic potential look.

Secondly, we ask that you send us a photo of yourself with your hair loose so that we can begin to interpret your inspirational photos and plan how we can achieve your desired look.


You hear it all the time but it's true! Drinking LOTS of WATER will keep your skin hydrated, soothed, and glowy. The best makeup result you will get will be with smoother, less textured skin. And water will definitely help that, so drink up the week of the trial leading up to the wedding.


DO NOT wash your hair the day your assigned hair stylist meets with you. Our hair stylists say hair is easier to style if it is not freshly washed. Even if you have product in it from the night before, that's ok. Our stylists prefer "dirty" hair as it gives the style more texture, volume and feasibility. Tip: Wash your hair the night before only if your hair generally gets oily within a day or if it has a lot of product build up. We also ask that your hair is dry to avoid an additional 30 minutes of blow drying.


Save yourself and us time by having a clean face before your assigned makeup artist arrives. If we see you later in the day where you did have makeup on before your appointment, please clean your face, and be sure to remove all mascara and eyeliner as best as you can.

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