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D&G Clubhouse Fashion for Millennials

On Wednesday, April 11, I was hired by The Glam App to do makeup for the Dolce & Gabbana show that evening in Soho. If you're looking for hip, high-fashion this summer, visit the D&G boutique at 155 Mercer st., which is pretty much a millennial luxe clubhouse.

The outfits on our models were inspired by NYC’s youth culture and the city that surrounds it. Here's one of my models (left) strutting her fashion inside the Mercer boutique where the show was held. Celebrities like Naomi Campbell and Christian Combs were spotted at this high-profile VIP event.

I'm ecstatic to have been a part of it. I haven't done runway/fashion in so long!

Get a preview of the show and party below.

Shout out to D&G for the free Makeup! Woo Hoo! New luxury cosmetics in my kit!

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