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Teeth Whitening

We now bring the brilliance of a GawJess dazzling smile for your engagement

photos, bridal shower, wedding day, or any big day your planning!


As a certified teeth whitening specialist, I provide the knowledge & experience

to deliver safe, effective, and beautiful results. Every smile is unique, and treatments are tailored to your specific needs and preferences. You'll save a trip and dollars going to your dentist's office. We'll begin with a thorough consultation to discuss your goals, a realistic timeline, assess your teeth, and how to carefully self-administer step-by-step.


Using top-notch whitening technology, we provide the legally limited highest-grade whitening gel, best in market, as well as post-care instructions and recommendations to maintain your new radiant smile. 



























We recommend your appointment 24 hours prior to consuming bright or dark colored foods & beverages.  Our 30-min. maintenance appointments can be held the day of the wedding if you do not anticipate drinking red wine the same day.


Our mobile teeth whitening services are available only in Hudson, Bergen & Essex counties in NJ / the Bronx & Manhattan in NYC for a $30 travel fee.  Additional travel fees apply outside of these areas.


Standard rates when visiting my location based in Hudson County, NJ.

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