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Teeth Whitening

We now bring the brilliance of a GawJess dazzling smile for your engagement photos, bridal shower, wedding day, or any big day your planning!


As a certified teeth whitening specialist, I provide the knowledge & experience to deliver safe, effective, and beautiful results. Every smile is unique, and treatments are tailored to your specific needs and preferences. You'll save a trip and dollars going to your dentist's office. We'll begin with a thorough consultation to discuss your goals, a realistic timeline, assess your teeth, and how to carefully self-administer step-by-step.


Using top-notch whitening technology, we provide the legally limited highest-grade whitening gel, best in market, as well as post-care instructions and recommendations to maintain your new radiant smile. 

Book for you and your future spouse! We can service 2 clients at a time.

You'll need to stay away from consuming bright or dark colored foods & beverages for 24 hrs post whitening. 

Hudson County, NJ location rates

*Need me in home? Add $50 to rates below.

3 appointment minimum

(recommended up to 2 weeks apart)



1st appt

for ALL first-time clients

90 min. = $150

2nd & 3rd appts

longer duration = whiter results

60 = $100 or

90 min. = $150


recommended within a week of last appt

30 min. = $75


Pre-Stain Treatment

whitening booster & hydrates sensitive teeth

10 min. = $20, FREE for 1st time clients

Remineralization Treatment

minimizes sensitivity, helps prevent zing!

10 min. = $20, FREE for 1st time clients

Client's first 90-min appt

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