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A List Of All Things Meghan Markle Can't Do Since Marrying Harry

Yes, you've seen the footage, the photos, the dress, the makeup, the choir, the fans, the love...we've been obsessed! The Royal Wedding with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry broke many traditions in a good way! Now that she's opened the door for hope, she'll have to close the doors on some of her normalcy. Here's a list of some of the things Meghan Markle can no longer do as a Duchess.


Her acting career is a done deal. She's now a full time Duchess.

Take Selfies

It's frowned upon by the Queen.

Use Social Media

She closed down all social media accounts and her popular travel blog, Tig.

Wear Bold Colored Nail Polish

God forbid she uses red or black nail polish. It's not royal-like. It's considered "Vulgar." Nude nail polish is accepted for special occasions.

Sign Autographs

It's an easy target to get it forged.

Sleep Before the Queen Goes to Bed

It's considered "bad form" if Meghan goes to bed before the Queen when spending the night in the same place.

Wear Short Hemlines

Nothing above the knees.

Show Bare Legs

Big No-No! In fact, it's one of the rules the Queen is a harsh stickler about. Meghan broke a big rule when she posed for her engagement shoot without nude stockings, even though her dress was long. SMH. But technically, she's wasn't a Royal yet!

Sit With Legs Crossed

This avoids embarrassing paparazzi photo opportunities of the crotch and underwear showing. She is to cross ankles or sit with legs closed.

Speak Out on Political Views

An Activist by nature, she can no longer share her thoughts on politics. Though it's not illegal, she is encouraged not to vote in the British elections because it's considered "unconstitutional" by the Royal family.

Travel Solo

At least 6 Security Guards will travel with her in public.

Eat Shellfish

It is forbidden to consume in order to prevent food poisoning, especially while traveling, which could create...wait for it...awkwardness.

Well, there you have it. And I'm sure there's more! Would you be willing to to conform to the Royal aesthetic and lifestyle for the love of your life? One thing's for sure: the sparkle in Markle definitely was willing to give these things up for her man.

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