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Get GawJess soon!

I'm in the midst of rebranding. I've used the Ayari's Makeovers brand for about 7 years now. I think it's time for a change. Some clients wonder, "Who or what the heck is Ayari ?" It's actually my "sister name," that is, a name that was given to me when I was initiated into my sorority, Omega Phi Beta, at the Syracuse University chapter. It means "heart" in a pre-Hispanic language called Huichol, which pretty much doesn't exist today. But the name fit me like a glove. Everyone close to me knows the passion I exude when I do something I love. So it was fitting to align my makeup brand with this name. The problem was the confusion LoL. My first name is Jessica (most people call me Jessie) and my team on-site at weddings would call me Jessie and my bride would call me Ayari, and she'd be hella confused when I was being called 2 names.

In addition, I just think change is good. And Get GawJess is super cute! It's the perfect hashtag! We will still keep our bridal division under Ayari's Brides but DBA (Doing Business As) Get GawJess. I'm looking forward to a new visual brand change and people calling me Jessie again.

Stay tuned for this!

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