Engagement Shoot

Bridal Shower

Engagement shoots are pretty popular today.  Celebrate your new engagement and look good doing it.  We'll provide makeup before your shoot's destination.

Get glam at your location of choice for your bridal shower.  Some brides even take this day as a opportunity to book their wedding makeup trials.

Rehearsal Dinner


Look amazing in front of your fiance and soon-to-be family before the big day.  We'll even give you a discount if you book us for this day and your wedding.  

It's the big day.  We'll go to your home, hotel or venue, with a traveling team of experienced artists & hair stylists who will nail the look you've wanted for years.

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GawJess Brides celebrates the unions of all loving couples, regardless of sexual orientation

or gender identity.  We support same-sex marriages and offer a special rate for 2 Brides!